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This review Apple Watch series 2 will be a great reference for you in deciding if the Apple Watch OS 2 will be a great choice of wearable gadget worth to buy, considering the Apple Watch Series 2 price. It is especially true if you are interested in this new gadget’s capabilities as a sports watch. In general, the Apple Watch apps review for the new series offer a built-in GPS radio which will provide accuracy in terms of distance tracking on walks, runs, bike rides, swims, and hikes—meaning that it’s waterproof this time. This item is introduced in Indonesia on September 7th.

Apple Watch Series 2 Review

1 ) Design


Even though there are slight differences in terms of design between the Series 2 and its predecessor, generally they are identical for all purposes and intents. The new model is slightly taller, though, claiming that the Series 2 can accommodate the bigger batteries. The same finishes are also featured in the new model, even though the new and very durable all-white ceramic model comes to replace the 18-karat gold. The screen is brighter than before, and the option can go up to 1,000 nits. Hence, from this review, we highly recommend you to turn the auto-brightness on.

2 ) As Sports Watch

The first Apple watch was known to be not so good when it comes to the distance-tracking stuff. However, for Series 2, we can set our hope higher due to the watch’s own GPS and GLONASS radios. This means you don’t need to bring the phone with you if you wish to see the most accurate results.

Even so, we expect to find a walk/run mode for the upcoming editions, considering how this feature is fairly common and even already built-in. Plus, you can find such feature on the cheaper devices. However, if you really want it so bad, you can download and install any third-party app.

3 ) For Swimming

The good thing about the new Series 2 is how waterproof it is; a great improvement since the last model was only splash-resistant. In this review Apple Watch series 2, the new model can deal with the immersion in up to 50 meters of water.

Plus, there are two swim workouts: open-water and poll swimming. Depending on the type of workout chosen, the watch uses various techniques to track the distance and locks the screen automatically to prevent any accidental touches since water can be registered as a tap sometimes.

4 ) As Smartwatch

The Series 2 is faster and more intuitive with many new stiffs you can also find in iOS 10. There are also more features that are borrowed not only from iOS, but also from macOS, such as the new Home app, new Reminders app, Find My Friends, and such.

5 ) Performance

Faster and quicker, you do not need to wait a few seconds to access and load an app. Plus, swiping left to enter the second screens is easier now. The background updates are also really helpful. Even so, there are some lags when we scroll up and down. Even though the company says that the Series 2 accommodates the bigger batteries, apparently the battery life written remains the same.

Description: Review Apple Watch series 2 shows you a glimpse of the latest smartwatch from Apple that is also designed to be a sports watch with a waterproof feature for swimming workouts.