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Definition HRIS and HRMS

Definition HRIS and HRMS – Many of us still do not understand about the HRIS and HRMS, what it actually HRIS and HRMS? human resource information system (HRIS) by definition is a system that manages data on human resources, in this case handle recruitment, payroll, attendance, petition, administrative processes and more. with the presence of a system that can organize and manage all data, human resources department will be facilitated, especially in payroll process.

besides convenience gained by the human resources department, employees are also easier and more efficient in exchanging information through an external web link, which can be accessed easily from anywhere and anytime. it can also be redundancy in the organization, for example, employees who want to perform routine activities such as asking for a paycheck, and changes in working hours it can be handled in an automated mode without need for human supervisor, everything can be done by the system.

Then when companies need HRIS or HRMS?

Definition HRIS and HRMS 2

When a company begins difficulty in dealing with its employees and the HR was decreased productivity due to too much work to be done, this is where companies need HRIS. Under this system companies can more easily handle all administrative matters such as attendance and salary calculation.

using the old method is very risky for a company that is growing, The increase in the number of employees to make your HR department for extra work in managing employees’ needs so that it works using the base paper is no longer effective. In addition to risk of data loss by human error and short durability, important data such as attendance records, records of benefits, payroll, loans, reimbursement, insurance and taxes needed by the company in determining the better decisions for the company.

the progress of a company can also be seen from how they treat their employees, to set up facilities and fulfill all the rights of employees. and it should be noted that the company Progress is also comparable with the needs of companies such as buildings, vehicles, laptops, machines, and office equipment. Such assets should be maintained and recorded as an important part of the value of the company’s business. Therefore, if the HR team you look extra busy and productivity will have an impact on their other duties. And when that happens you may need to consider using HRIS as the best way to help them out of excessive pressure, non-strategic tasks and focus on more pressing tasks. HRIS or payroll system will automate and simplify some tasks for better productivity.

And then is the definition of HRIS or HRMS as well as the functions and benefits for the company. so what are you waiting for? immediately use HRIS or payroll software and make sure you get HRIS software from the best vendor.