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Are you wondering about developing your skills and knowledge? Why is it actually important for you to have ability in developing your skills? Well, it is because every company wants an employee who can keep learning and also strengthening the skill she or he has. By doing that kind of action, you will be able to receive any kinds of promotions, or maybe you can be empowered in leading the others in the organization you are in charge of. By learning about how to develop skills and knowledge, you will find some important things to increase and develop your skills and knowledge. You can even also be recognized expert in the professional field. So, here are some tips on how to develop your skills and knowledge.

How to Develop Skills and Knowledge in a Quick Time

1 ) Finding a mentor


The first way on how to develop skills and knowledge whether it is to develop personal skills, or interpersonal skill, is finding a mentor. Mentor is a person who has more experiences in the professional field. He or she can guide you as well as teach you. The relationship of you and your mentor can be casual or formal. It depends on you and him/her. You can do these steps:

  1. Ask the older leaders or employees in your workplace to be your mentor.
  2. Read some biographies about some people in the field you are working who often make major contribution or impact to your company.
  3. Listen to seminars or podcasts from the experts in the field you are working on who might not be available for 1-on-1 relationship.

2 ) Becoming a life-long learner


The second way on how to develop skills and knowledge is becoming a long life learner. An important part of your professional skills both in personal or develop interpersonal skills is keeping up with some new information. Of course, the information must be relevant with your study or field. These steps might help you:

  1. Read some articles, journals, or books that are related to your field. The more scholarly source will provide you with some information that might be important part of the continuing professional developments.
  2. Continue the education you have. You can get graduate degree or even post-graduate degree. Or, you can get special certification.
  3. Attend some conferences. What is the function of conferences? They will allow you to have some network with some other professionals in the field you are concerning with. You will participate as well in the thought provoking workshops and discussions.

3 ) Joining a group of some colleagues


The last way on how to develop your knowledge and skills in your work field is by joining a group of some colleagues. It is important to meet with some other individuals in the profession you are working with and it can even sharpen the skills. These are the steps:

  1. Find professional society or a group and then become the member of it. The members can have access with other professionals.
  2. Form a learning group or discussion in your workplace. Meet maybe during breaks or lunch and then talk about some problems or some experiences which you encountered already or recently.

Description: How to develop skills and knowledge can’t be done alone. From these steps, it can be concluded that you need some other people to help you develop your skills and knowledge.