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The role of employees is relatively crucial to the company. In this case, with capable employees, it is possible for the company the valuable products or services. The employees with needed capability are meaningful to the company or organization as there will be innovative ways which are possible to implement in the operating activity. However, to search for the talented employees can be hard as your company cannot hire with promising salary. Thus, it is better for you to strengthen your HRD to be capable of training your employees with self development method. It will be great as the HRD can turn the ordinary employees to be skillful. Here you need to consider implementing the best development method.

In fact, there are many companies that implement ineffective method. Here they have already allocated much of their budget to improve the skill of their employees but they still do no find the effectiveness. According to Harvard Business Review, a particular research shows that many executives approximately spend for about $164.2 billion for the development and learning programs. In this case, as you just merely implement the same self development, you will be disadvantageous as you do not find any change despite your training spending.

Methods to Apply for Self-Development

Another research suggests some of proper self development method to successfully obtain the improvement of the employees’ skill. The following methods are interesting to consider as your company should be capable of running in the competitive industry. Suppose you still do not find the proper method, it is recommended for you to spare your time for a while to consider implementing the following methods.

1 ) Encourage the managers to passionately train the employees


As any industry goes more competitive, the role of the managers are not only the mere ones who responsible for organizing and leading as well as ordering their subordinates. Today managers should also be passionate in mentoring and coaching their people. Organizations or companies need to choose the ones who best play for the responsibility. Thus, your employees will feel well developed through this self development method.

2 ) Shorter package of method is better


For a year, it is not few that conduct several trainings for the employees. As the competition goes rapidly, it seems that you need to equip your employees with these and those. However, those can be lost after some months later. In this case, it is better for you not to be overload in delivering information. To share the shorter package of training can be more effective and useful.

3 ) Match the method with the characteristics of participants


As you run the company which employs many employees with different range of ages, it is recommended for you to consider the appropriate method of self development. It is possible for you to arrange different trainings for different ranges of the ages. Thus, the method can be flexible based on the preferences of them. The point here is that your participants can feel comfortable with your contextual methods.

Description: Self development method should be well determined as you are running the business in the competitive era which requires you to be capable of adapting the changes.