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IP camera brands – As time and technology advances are also followed by creative innovations from all areas of industry, including the provision of industrial security systems continue to produce and create a sophisticated tools. One product safety system that we often encounter is CCTV, in the sector of surveillance cameras or video surveillance is also progressing very well, as evidenced CCTV is now sold in the market has been able to connect to the Internet, allowing users to view the monitoring CCTV live streaming. The new species is called IP camera, the camera is equipped by Internet protocol, this is why users can see the live viewing of the CCTV installed, from their own gadgets. With the presence of IP cameras increasingly maximize security, and here it is top 5 IP camera brands for your office or your home, which can be found in jakartacctv.co.id as a distributor of CCTV complete and cheapest, here is his review.

TOP 5 IP Camera brands you can use it

1 ) Vision Pro 


Vision Pro CCTV offers high quality products at affordable prices. Many variants are available starting from the basic camera analog series indoor type camera, outdoor type camera, speed dome, PTZ camera, DVR D1, DVR 960H. Besides the usual analog CCTV Camera, Vision Pro also provides the HD Series Camera (AHD CCTV) for customers who looks for camera which can provide higher resolutions. And recently Vision Pro added up IP Camera series in its product range. All of the series provides the standard variants like Dome camera, Bullet Camera, Speed Dome and PTZ camera.

2 ) Hikvision 


CCTV Hikvision is a famous brand in the field of industrial security systems and surveillance cameras, Hangzhou origin china brand already has many branch offices in America, Australia, Indonesia, and several countries in Europe. one of their best products are IP camera is the best-selling products.

3 ) Vivotek


VIVOTEK is a manufacturer of CCTV, IP camera, DVR, and NVR which has been widely awarded as a manufacturer and supplier of security systems.

4 ) Samsung techwin


Samsung Techwin has leveraged its outstanding technological competencies to emerge as a global leader in energy and safety solutions by creating new paradigms that are steps ahead of the fast Paces industry environment. Samsung Techwin’s world class imaging technology is now applied to more diverse business areas Including Access Control and Intruder Detection. Our products play an important role for the safety and happiness of people by protecting cities, airports, seaports, industrial areas and military installations.

5 ) Avtech 


AVTECH, formed in 1996, is one of the leading CCTV and IP camera in the world. With stable revenue growth and business philosophy that is run, Avtech has become the largest company in Taiwan for the category and ip cctv camera. Avtech priority to innovation in technology, product and implementation. With years of experience in research and development, Avtech has been a leader in the mobile platform and provide support for product variants CCTV and IP Camera are complete.

Thus is a brief review about the top 5 ip camera brands you can get in jakartacctv.co.id