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It seems that you have failed with the previous interview or you are probably the ones who cannot imagine how the interviewer can ask about your very personal thing such as your weakness. Many people just felt surprised as they only focus on the possible normative questions. They do not even anticipate the tricky questions with the work tips. In this case, the answer to the question about self-weakness has been the popular discussion of tips interview work today. Some people perceive that you do not need to answer the question which treats you worse.

How to Pass Personal Weakness Question during Interview


The ones who prefer to ignore the question think that it is not a must you pass the interview session which involves improper questions. Some people even offer the tricky solution of this question by using the angel weakness. In example, you can say that you are eventually capable of working on the deadlines on time after you should be hard dealing with the procrastination. Thus, it seems that the angel weakness teaches you how to be smart in turning the negative to be the positive. The angel weakness is likely to involve in the popular tips interview work.

Meanwhile, on Harvard Business Review David Reese, the practitioner in HRD summarized his tips interview work to answer the question of self-weakness in simple way. It is good to the company to recruit the candidates who is smart but it is better to consider the integrity aspect of the company. As each of the companies always attempt to increase the competitiveness, it is crucial to employ the people who can work in line with the rule of the companies to achieve the goals. On the other words, it implies that today the smart people are not enough. The complete package must be completed with the integrity.

On his article, Reese suggested the tips work interview that it is better for the employee candidates to tell the truth. You may get ready for a little bit weakness that belongs to you. Thus, you do not look surprised as the interviewer asks you about that. One thing you should bear in mind is that the interview phase is the serious step which is worked by the company to find the potential people. Reese thinks that the company does not mean to look you down but try to keep you with the real conversation.

It is reasonable since the contract must imply the mutual benefits for both sides. In this case, the HRD attempts to find the best ones who deserve for the mutual commitment with the company. Thus, it is better for you to keep in the real conversation during the interview session.

Those interview tips according to Reese who has experienced many things related to HRD practices can be one of the answers to help you face the session. You do not need to bother yourself by not being you. Believe that the company also seeks the best people who can contribute to the progress in the proper ways.

Description: To answer the question of self-weakness, Rees suggests you to keep in real conversation since the company attempts to challenge your honesty at the moment.