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Developing skills is important things for humans, particularly communication skill. Every day, human talks to other human. And what is important about communication skills you have when you are in the workplace? Yes, of course this is important since your position in your company will notice how you communicate with other colleagues. So, is it important to have skill development activities? Yes, it is very much important. And how you achieve that? These are 7 activities can be done related to communication skill development.

How to Develop Communication Skill

Here are seven recommended communication skill development that you can easily practice.


1 ) Be details and details

As one the strengths in their communication, almost all people include the attention. However, if you really pay attention to the details, you won’t stay jobless long. In a case of interview, you must see the details on the process because it will help you so much when having conversation. It is also important when you pay attention to a small detail. You will be able to start very good conversation like when you are aware what the interviewer likes or small thing like where she or he likes to do during holiday.

2 ) Talk slowly, don’t be fast

The next skill development activity you can practice when you have an interview or have been in a workplace to make your colleague understands you more in a formal meeting is to talk slowly. Don’t run. When your nervousness or anxiety comes during the interview, you might tend to lose your control. And it results in speaking too fast or faster and then you will give kind of poor answers. You need to calm your mind, and slowly talk. It will make you have calm mind and good answers.

3 ) Pay attention to the word usage

One of skill development activities is paying attention to the word usage. Communication includes some factors such as body language, how you speak, and the word that you choose. You need to practice on what words to use to deliver your message. It will give a smoother presentation or interview. You can continue developing your vocabulary in order to help you express yourself in a more easy way.

4 ) Assertiveness

Don’t be hesitate or afraid of speaking assertively. It will prove that you don’t feel doubtful about your ability in your future job. This will also help you to get the message you across.

5 ) Asking the right questions

Prepare some questions that are relevant with your willingness to work in the company you intend. It will give you some controls of the interview’s flow.

6 ) Listening

One among other skill development activities is listening. Communication does not only include speaking, but also listening. You need to know how to listen. It will make you able to ask surely the right questions as well as giving the right answers.

7 ) Keeping it concise

When you answer the question given by the interviewer, make sure you make short but fair response. You need to avoid giving such a very long answer lessening the answer’s effectiveness. Give short but reasonable answer to prove the point you want to deliver.

Description: Skill development activities cannot be done in a very quick way. So, you need to practice it even everyday to make it perfect. If possible, do it with some people or your partners.