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Are you wondering about developing your skills and knowledge? Why is it actually important for you to have ability in developing your skills? Well, it is because every company wants an employee who can keep learning and also strengthening the skill she or he has. By doing that kind of action, you will be able to receive any kinds of promotions, or maybe you can be empowered in leading the others in the organization you are in charge of. By learning about how to develop skills and knowledge, you will find some important things to increase and develop your skills and knowledge. You can even also be recognized expert in the professional field. So, here are some tips on how to develop your skills and knowledge.

How to Develop Skills and Knowledge in a Quick Time

1 ) Finding a mentor


The first way on how to develop skills and knowledge whether it is to develop personal skills, or interpersonal skill, is finding a mentor. Mentor is a person who has more experiences in the professional field. He or she can guide you as well as teach you. The relationship of you and your mentor can be casual or formal. It depends on you and him/her. You can do these steps:

  1. Ask the older leaders or employees in your workplace to be your mentor.
  2. Read some biographies about some people in the field you are working who often make major contribution or impact to your company.
  3. Listen to seminars or podcasts from the experts in the field you are working on who might not be available for 1-on-1 relationship.

2 ) Becoming a life-long learner


The second way on how to develop skills and knowledge is becoming a long life learner. An important part of your professional skills both in personal or develop interpersonal skills is keeping up with some new information. Of course, the information must be relevant with your study or field. These steps might help you:

  1. Read some articles, journals, or books that are related to your field. The more scholarly source will provide you with some information that might be important part of the continuing professional developments.
  2. Continue the education you have. You can get graduate degree or even post-graduate degree. Or, you can get special certification.
  3. Attend some conferences. What is the function of conferences? They will allow you to have some network with some other professionals in the field you are concerning with. You will participate as well in the thought provoking workshops and discussions.

3 ) Joining a group of some colleagues


The last way on how to develop your knowledge and skills in your work field is by joining a group of some colleagues. It is important to meet with some other individuals in the profession you are working with and it can even sharpen the skills. These are the steps:

  1. Find professional society or a group and then become the member of it. The members can have access with other professionals.
  2. Form a learning group or discussion in your workplace. Meet maybe during breaks or lunch and then talk about some problems or some experiences which you encountered already or recently.

Description: How to develop skills and knowledge can’t be done alone. From these steps, it can be concluded that you need some other people to help you develop your skills and knowledge.


In the context of business, quantity and quality are such matters to consider. Those two can be optional to prioritize but some people suggest keeping both in balance. As you observe the tendency of the company, the management is likely to implement the efficient production which maximizes the number of products and minimizes the production cost. To produce the quality products can waste the time. As the result, you are probably only capable of generating the few numbers of products while you should pay more cost for your employees. To prioritize between quality vs quantity looks confusing to you. It is better for you to take a look at some samples of those who have already understood about quantity vs quality.

As you products are quite demanded, here you are likely to increase the quantity. It is reasonable since to increase the production can lead to the efficiency and more profit. Moreover, as you are responsible to manage the big company, you should ensure that the management can lead to the steady performance. In addition, you need also to consider the responsibility to the other stakeholders besides to achieve the internal targets of the company.

Understand More about Quality and Quantity


However, you may not take a conclusion of quality vs quantity based on one case. In fact, the quality is the most important as you see the following case. As people are now living in the digital era, they are likely to shop online. In this case, suppose the quality of your product is low, the reputation will be rapidly spread. People who are about to shop online are likely to read some reviews from the previous ones who have already made transactions. Conversely, as your product quality is special, it will also be beneficial to you as many people’s satisfaction implies the more trust from the other potential customers.

In example, you can see the success of Steve Job with Apple devices. Although those are classified into high end products with premium price, people are interested in purchasing the devices. To hold the Apple devices seems special to your surrounding people. In this case, the quality of Apple devices is capable of attracting more customers.

The strategic point which many businessmen are likely to do is to well design the product. It is can be the tricky way to keep balance quality and quantity. Suppose the quality of your products is not much different from your competitors, you need to find another competitive advantage. Here it is possible for you to consider crafting the attractive design. Many customers eventually make their decision based on the advantage of the product design.

After all of the discussion about quality vs quantity, here you should consider about the consumer response. Suppose you want to find the high sale number, quantity should be prioritized, but you may not expect that the customers will be interested in buying another product in another time. However, as you prioritize quality of the product, you are likely to create more loyal customers. That automatically leads to the potential income.

Description: Quality vs quantity can be confusing to prioritize. As the customers perceive that your product prioritizes quality, they are likely to your loyal customers.


It seems that you have failed with the previous interview or you are probably the ones who cannot imagine how the interviewer can ask about your very personal thing such as your weakness. Many people just felt surprised as they only focus on the possible normative questions. They do not even anticipate the tricky questions with the work tips. In this case, the answer to the question about self-weakness has been the popular discussion of tips interview work today. Some people perceive that you do not need to answer the question which treats you worse.

How to Pass Personal Weakness Question during Interview


The ones who prefer to ignore the question think that it is not a must you pass the interview session which involves improper questions. Some people even offer the tricky solution of this question by using the angel weakness. In example, you can say that you are eventually capable of working on the deadlines on time after you should be hard dealing with the procrastination. Thus, it seems that the angel weakness teaches you how to be smart in turning the negative to be the positive. The angel weakness is likely to involve in the popular tips interview work.

Meanwhile, on Harvard Business Review David Reese, the practitioner in HRD summarized his tips interview work to answer the question of self-weakness in simple way. It is good to the company to recruit the candidates who is smart but it is better to consider the integrity aspect of the company. As each of the companies always attempt to increase the competitiveness, it is crucial to employ the people who can work in line with the rule of the companies to achieve the goals. On the other words, it implies that today the smart people are not enough. The complete package must be completed with the integrity.

On his article, Reese suggested the tips work interview that it is better for the employee candidates to tell the truth. You may get ready for a little bit weakness that belongs to you. Thus, you do not look surprised as the interviewer asks you about that. One thing you should bear in mind is that the interview phase is the serious step which is worked by the company to find the potential people. Reese thinks that the company does not mean to look you down but try to keep you with the real conversation.

It is reasonable since the contract must imply the mutual benefits for both sides. In this case, the HRD attempts to find the best ones who deserve for the mutual commitment with the company. Thus, it is better for you to keep in the real conversation during the interview session.

Those interview tips according to Reese who has experienced many things related to HRD practices can be one of the answers to help you face the session. You do not need to bother yourself by not being you. Believe that the company also seeks the best people who can contribute to the progress in the proper ways.

Description: To answer the question of self-weakness, Rees suggests you to keep in real conversation since the company attempts to challenge your honesty at the moment.