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HR department in every company must meet a variety of issues related to the management, supervision, and coordination within the department. Be in part of the HR department is not easy because of the role and responsibilities which are quite a lot and not easy as it seems. The following is a row of human resources problem often faced by HR department along with the solution. It is mostly about the management of employee and stuffs.

7 Human Resources Problems in the HR Department


The first is usually associated with management of employees ranging from recruitment up to maintenance the employees. This is very important because employees are the driving force that keeps the company productive. Good employee management will absolutely increase the productivity level of the company. It is not just a matter of hiring a quality employee but also how to retain the competent employees into tasks to be completed by HR department.

The solution related to the employee problem is the HR department should be able to provide a balanced composition between the culture of the company, incentives, and remuneration to all employees. The second problem is a matter of productivity. Productivity is the heart of a company backed by the good performance of employees as the first point has stated. The solution to maintain and improve the productivity is to use special software that is integrated to monitor the productivity of the company and to determine a strategy if the employees’ performance decrease.

The third human resources problem is a level of discipline of the employee. Employee’s discipline should be monitored well. Beside by applying strict rules, monitoring can also be done with smart cards to record employee absences so that there will be no employees come late and lazy while working. The fourth HR department problem is distribution of employee’s salaries including bonuses, incentives, and others. The solution is having a good management related to account system using payroll software.

Next, employee discrimination and diversity becomes the fifth HR department’s difficulties. This is something quite sensitive and should be avoided by the company. Record the demographic data when there is a new employee joined will be one idea to overcome the problem. It aims to easily take preventive action if some cases like discrimination are likely to happen. The sixth issue is employee’s leave. Furlough is the right of employees that must be carefully regulated so that the productivity of the company remains stable and under control.

The way to prevent problems in the schedule is to use HR software which is being integrated with the furlough functions to be regulated neatly. Not only employee’s furlough but also the health and safety of employees, it should be concerned by the HR department. The last issue in HR department is training of employees. Training is needed to improve the quality of employees. HR department would be directly involved overseeing and providing the necessary needs for training the employees. It can also be supported by a system such as software to help the HR Department.

Description: Human resources department have a big role related to management, supervision, and coordination in the company. They should be able to cover the issues that commonly come.