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Lately, you may be seeing all the fuss regarding the new Apple wireless earbuds, called AirPods. Some may criticize it for the wireless design, mainly worrying that the earbuds will be lost easily. Well, to make things fair, what about reading through this Apple AirPods review first? Here is the Apple earpods review for you!

Product Review for Apple AirPods

1 ) Earbuds Design


Generally, the design of the earbuds is both simplistic and elegant, which you may find interesting. Plus, we can see in this Apple AirPods review that the design is somewhat comforting and familiar, creating an impression as if using it is simply picking up any in-ear earbuds, minus the wires. It is a singular earbud only with no buttons.

The buds are curved slightly at inward angle, providing a better insertion as well as hold when it’s sitting in your ear. Some may find it quite a while to find the ideal position for the buds to sit in their ears, though.

2 ) Charging Capsule Design


We’re sure you have watched Men in Black, so you’re already familiar with Neuralyzer. Well, seeing the charging capsule, we can’t help but think how it looks like a hybrid of Neuralyzer and Apple’s iSight Camera. Sliding out the capsule—do it like you do a lipstick—you’ll find the charging and tuck away earbuds. A small red LED light on the top part of the case indicates the charging status.

3 ) Comfort


The overall comfort is a common issue when it comes to the true wireless earbuds. Hence, we do not find it surprising if different person may think of the comfort differently in different new Apple earpods review articles.

Even though the Earin also offers replacement ear tips for the users to find the most comfortable choices to wear—two Comply foam tips and two rubber tips, for instance—the result will still be different among people. Plus, the definition of ‘comfort’ may be different among people too. Hence, your best shot is always to try the earbuds first.

However, after trying various wireless earbuds, we can say that the Earin earbuds are more comfortable compared to the most. The design manages to seal us from the outside world, with the music is focused really only on us.

4 ) Audio


Without a doubt, this is one of the most important factors in this Apple AirPods review. In general, trebles are clear. They are also in the forefront, yet without having to override the bass or mids. Meanwhile, the bass is light, not muddling the rest, even though we find there are a lot to be desired. Luckily, though, there’s a Bass Boost option in the iOS app. The mids feels too light sometimes.

5 ) Bluetooth Connectivity


It doesn’t matter how great the overall experience of a pair of wireless earbuds is, the wireless protocol will always become the biggest concern. With AirPods, Apple is fully aware of it so it put more attention on the W1 chip to help alleviate this particular problem. This allows the earbuds to function properly within 10 meters as long as the Earin is in a clear view.

Description: Apple AirPods review will help you get a better insight even it is only for the initial step to understand the pros and cons of the new true wireless earbuds from Apple, named AirPods.