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Attendance Machine into the machine checks the discipline that is widely used in the modern era. In the office, attendance becomes one of determining the salary they get at the beginning of the month. If the attendance system is not managed well, the company could lose money because of various kinds of negligence and fraud.

To prevent this, the company began using a system of absenteeism by using machines. Lots of attendance machine available on the market, ranging from manual machines, modern machinery using sensors, and many some others. For those of you who are curious, consider some attendance machine which will be described below.

Types of Employee Attendance System Using Machine

The first employee attendance system is using a manual machine card absent. The way it works is very simple. Each employee will be provided with the attendance card each. These cards are staying put in the gap and on the card machine will print the date and time entry.

For those employees who are late or not in accordance with the schedule, the machine will automatically assign a different color ink. Excess attendance machine this one is a very low power consumption, easy installation, and the price is very cheap. In general, the machine is equipped with a backup battery that will keep the engine is still on despite the death electric current. Disadvantages of this machine is the user capacity is limited and is not environmentally friendly because it uses a lot of paper and ink.

Employee attendance system which in turn is to use a digital card. There are many digital cards that can be used, ie put on magnetic tape, wearing a MIFARE card, proximity card or barcode card. Attendance machine of this kind is more effective because the process is very fast.

Machines can also be directly connected to a computer. Capacity digital card very much, reaching 10,000 units. Each record attendance can be read and processed with ease. One of the main advantages attendance machine this one is cheap. Every employee should be keeping his cards so that each needs to run properly absent.

Employee attendance system which in turn is a password. How to work attendance machine this one is by entering the member number and password for later identified. Advantages machine absent this one is not necessary to use the card to prevent a case worker could not be absent because forgot to take the card. Attendance system can also be directly connected to a computer.

Attendance machine which then is to use a biometric sensor. What is meant by a biometric sensor is a sensor using the body’s biological trait that is unique and will not be changed, ie fingerprint, iris, and so forth. Excess attendance machine this one is more accurate and not easily cheated. Every member who did not sign could not be “illegal absent”. Sensor could only walk with a biological trait unique body. In addition, attendance system this one is also more practical and faster pengoperasiaannya.

So are some types of salty modern absenteeism. Employee attendance system more modern can certainly make it easier for your work. Attendance of some kind of machine that has been described above, absent the machine using the card has the cheapest price. Modern engines use a biometric sensor is certainly more expensive. Hopefully this information is helpful to you.