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In the context of business, quantity and quality are such matters to consider. Those two can be optional to prioritize but some people suggest keeping both in balance. As you observe the tendency of the company, the management is likely to implement the efficient production which maximizes the number of products and minimizes the production cost. To produce the quality products can waste the time. As the result, you are probably only capable of generating the few numbers of products while you should pay more cost for your employees. To prioritize between quality vs quantity looks confusing to you. It is better for you to take a look at some samples of those who have already understood about quantity vs quality.

As you products are quite demanded, here you are likely to increase the quantity. It is reasonable since to increase the production can lead to the efficiency and more profit. Moreover, as you are responsible to manage the big company, you should ensure that the management can lead to the steady performance. In addition, you need also to consider the responsibility to the other stakeholders besides to achieve the internal targets of the company.

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However, you may not take a conclusion of quality vs quantity based on one case. In fact, the quality is the most important as you see the following case. As people are now living in the digital era, they are likely to shop online. In this case, suppose the quality of your product is low, the reputation will be rapidly spread. People who are about to shop online are likely to read some reviews from the previous ones who have already made transactions. Conversely, as your product quality is special, it will also be beneficial to you as many people’s satisfaction implies the more trust from the other potential customers.

In example, you can see the success of Steve Job with Apple devices. Although those are classified into high end products with premium price, people are interested in purchasing the devices. To hold the Apple devices seems special to your surrounding people. In this case, the quality of Apple devices is capable of attracting more customers.

The strategic point which many businessmen are likely to do is to well design the product. It is can be the tricky way to keep balance quality and quantity. Suppose the quality of your products is not much different from your competitors, you need to find another competitive advantage. Here it is possible for you to consider crafting the attractive design. Many customers eventually make their decision based on the advantage of the product design.

After all of the discussion about quality vs quantity, here you should consider about the consumer response. Suppose you want to find the high sale number, quantity should be prioritized, but you may not expect that the customers will be interested in buying another product in another time. However, as you prioritize quality of the product, you are likely to create more loyal customers. That automatically leads to the potential income.

Description: Quality vs quantity can be confusing to prioritize. As the customers perceive that your product prioritizes quality, they are likely to your loyal customers.