You might figure out how much you need to withhold from the employee paycheck. Yet, what will you do with money that you withhold? Right, you need to send and report employment taxes to the government taxes agencies. But, when do you deposit and report employment taxes? You need not to worry since here are some information about when to deposit and report employment taxes.

Deposit and Report employment taxes

Here is some information on the employment taxes due dates for reporting and depositing. It includes some federal incomes tax, FUTA, and Social Security and Medicare Taxes. But you need to be careful since the employment tax might have different deadline for reporting and depositing.

Federal Income Taxes Withholding

1 ) Depositing


For the federal income taxes withholding, you need to deposit either semiweekly or monthly. You can determine the frequency of the depositing before the beginning of the each year. The schedule of the depositing you have made is according to the total tax liability which is reported on form 941 which is during the four quarter period of IRS Lookback.

For example, if you report amount of money, let’s say $50,000 in the taxes during the period of the lookback, you will become monthly depositor. If you have Report employment taxes which is reported more than for example $50,000 in the taxes, then you are called as semiweekly depositor. The total taxes liability will include the federal income taxes, Medicare tax and Social Security tax.

So, let’s say you run new business. And if it is the case, you will be automatically a monthly depositor for the first year you have. The monthly depositors will be due on the date of 15 for the following month. The employment taxes deposit and report payday will fall on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Then, the deposit taxes will be by the following Wednesday. When the payday falls on Monday, Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday, the following Friday will be the deposit tax day.

The schedule of deposit you have can possibly change from the year to another year. So, you need to make sure that you examine carefully the period of the lookback. What you need to understand when depositing is that when depositing the federal income taxes, you should make electronic funds transfers by using EFTPS, a payroll taxes filling service or tax professional.

2 ) Reporting


You need to report the federal incomes taxes withhold on the Form 941. You should file the Form 941 each of the quarter. The form will be due on last day of each month that follows the each quarter. The due date of the Form 941 is as follows; the quarter 1: April 30, the quarter 2: July 31, the quarter 3: October 31, and the last quarter is on January 31.

So, are you now still confused on when to deposit and report the employment taxes? Hopefully the information of due date and what status you will have above will help you a lot understand more about depositing and reporting the employment taxes. Good luck then!

Description: Report employment taxes have two things to do, the first one is the depositing method and the second is the reporting method. Each has different due date and functions also status.


In the context of business, quantity and quality are such matters to consider. Those two can be optional to prioritize but some people suggest keeping both in balance. As you observe the tendency of the company, the management is likely to implement the efficient production which maximizes the number of products and minimizes the production cost. To produce the quality products can waste the time. As the result, you are probably only capable of generating the few numbers of products while you should pay more cost for your employees. To prioritize between quality vs quantity looks confusing to you. It is better for you to take a look at some samples of those who have already understood about quantity vs quality.

As you products are quite demanded, here you are likely to increase the quantity. It is reasonable since to increase the production can lead to the efficiency and more profit. Moreover, as you are responsible to manage the big company, you should ensure that the management can lead to the steady performance. In addition, you need also to consider the responsibility to the other stakeholders besides to achieve the internal targets of the company.

Understand More about Quality and Quantity


However, you may not take a conclusion of quality vs quantity based on one case. In fact, the quality is the most important as you see the following case. As people are now living in the digital era, they are likely to shop online. In this case, suppose the quality of your product is low, the reputation will be rapidly spread. People who are about to shop online are likely to read some reviews from the previous ones who have already made transactions. Conversely, as your product quality is special, it will also be beneficial to you as many people’s satisfaction implies the more trust from the other potential customers.

In example, you can see the success of Steve Job with Apple devices. Although those are classified into high end products with premium price, people are interested in purchasing the devices. To hold the Apple devices seems special to your surrounding people. In this case, the quality of Apple devices is capable of attracting more customers.

The strategic point which many businessmen are likely to do is to well design the product. It is can be the tricky way to keep balance quality and quantity. Suppose the quality of your products is not much different from your competitors, you need to find another competitive advantage. Here it is possible for you to consider crafting the attractive design. Many customers eventually make their decision based on the advantage of the product design.

After all of the discussion about quality vs quantity, here you should consider about the consumer response. Suppose you want to find the high sale number, quantity should be prioritized, but you may not expect that the customers will be interested in buying another product in another time. However, as you prioritize quality of the product, you are likely to create more loyal customers. That automatically leads to the potential income.

Description: Quality vs quantity can be confusing to prioritize. As the customers perceive that your product prioritizes quality, they are likely to your loyal customers.


Developing skills is important things for humans, particularly communication skill. Every day, human talks to other human. And what is important about communication skills you have when you are in the workplace? Yes, of course this is important since your position in your company will notice how you communicate with other colleagues. So, is it important to have skill development activities? Yes, it is very much important. And how you achieve that? These are 7 activities can be done related to communication skill development.

How to Develop Communication Skill

Here are seven recommended communication skill development that you can easily practice.


1 ) Be details and details

As one the strengths in their communication, almost all people include the attention. However, if you really pay attention to the details, you won’t stay jobless long. In a case of interview, you must see the details on the process because it will help you so much when having conversation. It is also important when you pay attention to a small detail. You will be able to start very good conversation like when you are aware what the interviewer likes or small thing like where she or he likes to do during holiday.

2 ) Talk slowly, don’t be fast

The next skill development activity you can practice when you have an interview or have been in a workplace to make your colleague understands you more in a formal meeting is to talk slowly. Don’t run. When your nervousness or anxiety comes during the interview, you might tend to lose your control. And it results in speaking too fast or faster and then you will give kind of poor answers. You need to calm your mind, and slowly talk. It will make you have calm mind and good answers.

3 ) Pay attention to the word usage

One of skill development activities is paying attention to the word usage. Communication includes some factors such as body language, how you speak, and the word that you choose. You need to practice on what words to use to deliver your message. It will give a smoother presentation or interview. You can continue developing your vocabulary in order to help you express yourself in a more easy way.

4 ) Assertiveness

Don’t be hesitate or afraid of speaking assertively. It will prove that you don’t feel doubtful about your ability in your future job. This will also help you to get the message you across.

5 ) Asking the right questions

Prepare some questions that are relevant with your willingness to work in the company you intend. It will give you some controls of the interview’s flow.

6 ) Listening

One among other skill development activities is listening. Communication does not only include speaking, but also listening. You need to know how to listen. It will make you able to ask surely the right questions as well as giving the right answers.

7 ) Keeping it concise

When you answer the question given by the interviewer, make sure you make short but fair response. You need to avoid giving such a very long answer lessening the answer’s effectiveness. Give short but reasonable answer to prove the point you want to deliver.

Description: Skill development activities cannot be done in a very quick way. So, you need to practice it even everyday to make it perfect. If possible, do it with some people or your partners.


Suppose you have just been accepted as the new employees in the workspace, it is the right time for you to get closer with your life vision. The early days of working should be utilized to understand the characteristics of your surrounding people including the co-workers and the supervisors. In fact, it is possible for you to get much of your time in dealing with difficult people in the workspace. Here must be something that you have to solve immediately since you cannot feel comfortable to work. It is not few that eventually resign due to the problems with their working partners.

How to Deal with Difficult Person

1 ) Respect the people as they want


It is better for you to know the particular treatment for each of your working partners. If it is possible, you can even ask them how you should treat them with the respect. The more you deal with them in respect, the more comfortable they will work with you. That is the key point of dealing with difficult people.

2 ) Examine yourself


To deal with difficult people does not always focus on your coworkers as the problems. It is recommended for you to start all over by examining yourself. Are you sure that your coworker is the problem or probably you feel overacted? You can ask to your best friend to help you for the evaluation.

3 ) Invite for the private discussion


With the private talk, you probably can go straight to know the main problem. As each of sides has already known the problem, you can start finding the solution. To the difficult people to deal, you should also explain about your right and the treatment which you like most.

4 ) Consider the follow up of the discussion

Suppose you do not find any change or probably your problem coworker repeat the mistake, it is better for you to follow up. Here the purpose is to remind him to commit with the solution of the initial agreement. As he means to do that, you may not be upset. Keep relaxed and be peaceful.

5 ) Show that you hurt publicly

Sometimes the private talk also does not fully help, you can express that you hurt publicly. In some cases, the problem can be between you and him. Thus, to show your problem to the public of workspace can emerge the common understanding that you are bothered by him. You supervisor or your loving coworkers will find the way out.

6 ) Report to your boss

To report the problem to your boss can be such an official way to imply the significant change and serious treatment of difficult people. It is not your fault that eventually you state that you do not feel comfortable to work with those people. In this case, your boss can be a helpful intermediary which owns the authority.

7 ) Limit the access of difficult people to you

While you are waiting for the wise decision of your boss, you can attempt to avoid dealing with difficult people. It helps you to keep safe and stay in positive circle. The presence of you in the company is expected by your boss to be in line with company’s goals.

Description: Dealing with difficult people frequently feels challenging. In this case, you need to find the way out. Some of the following tips are likely helpful to keep you in some plans.


Leadership is another special capability which is advantageous to master. Many people get involved in leadership training in the young ages for the purpose of understanding the characteristics of the leader. In addition, it is not few that intentionally join the organization to get the practical experience of leadership. Here you should be capable of organizing your people for the purpose of achieving the goals of the team. In this case, it is recommended for you to drill yourself to be thoughtful and skillful in understanding and mastering some basic model to be a leader.

Things You Need to Have to Be a Good Leader

1 ) Participating


To lead your team does not mean that you should afford all of the decisions from your own mind. In fact, you can allow your members to make daily decisions. It is not proper suppose you have many subordinates with abundant tasks while you still expect to get involved in determining all of the decisions. Here it is better for you to monitor and keep your position in the strategic place. In some crucial cases, it is possible for you to invite your subordinates to participate in the making of decisions since you think that they are more contextual in the field.

2 ) Coaching


As you have just opened the vacancy for your organization, there will be some new people who work with you. A situational leader does not always focus on the strategic goals of the organization in the early stages. The reality is that you are required to explain the directions to your people in brief. Here you should be capable of ensuring them to understand well. On the other hand, you may not forget to motivate your men to always stick to the plan. Coaching is the basic of leadership model that you have to master.

3 ) Directing


Commonly, as a leader, you need to direct your people in the first stage. However, it is possible for you to keep in this directing pace as your subordinates are not well developed. Thus, it is better for you to find the potential subordinates which can adapt with your direction and leader model in the early phase well. It is likely to be the reason why many great organizations are trying to find the potential people. As your people can implement your directions well, here you are ready to enjoy the benefits of your organization.

4 ) Flexible

basic model to be a leader

Another basic model to be a leader is to be flexible in any situation. The challenges must come and sometimes are unpredictable. In this case of basic leader model, it is recommended for you not to always have a single plan. It is better to provide two or three plans for the reserve. Thus, suppose the first does not lead you to way out, you can consider another one.

5 ) Integrity

basic model to be a leader

To always keep the integrity in your mind can be a meaningful basic model to be a leader. Some of your subordinates can the ones who have some similarities with you and those can be the characteristics of their own leader. Thus, it is better for you to always be consistent and try to be the good example for them.

Description: One of the motivations to join an organization is to learn how to implement basic model to be a leader. In this case, there are some crucial points which you should notice.


It seems that you have failed with the previous interview or you are probably the ones who cannot imagine how the interviewer can ask about your very personal thing such as your weakness. Many people just felt surprised as they only focus on the possible normative questions. They do not even anticipate the tricky questions with the work tips. In this case, the answer to the question about self-weakness has been the popular discussion of tips interview work today. Some people perceive that you do not need to answer the question which treats you worse.

How to Pass Personal Weakness Question during Interview


The ones who prefer to ignore the question think that it is not a must you pass the interview session which involves improper questions. Some people even offer the tricky solution of this question by using the angel weakness. In example, you can say that you are eventually capable of working on the deadlines on time after you should be hard dealing with the procrastination. Thus, it seems that the angel weakness teaches you how to be smart in turning the negative to be the positive. The angel weakness is likely to involve in the popular tips interview work.

Meanwhile, on Harvard Business Review David Reese, the practitioner in HRD summarized his tips interview work to answer the question of self-weakness in simple way. It is good to the company to recruit the candidates who is smart but it is better to consider the integrity aspect of the company. As each of the companies always attempt to increase the competitiveness, it is crucial to employ the people who can work in line with the rule of the companies to achieve the goals. On the other words, it implies that today the smart people are not enough. The complete package must be completed with the integrity.

On his article, Reese suggested the tips work interview that it is better for the employee candidates to tell the truth. You may get ready for a little bit weakness that belongs to you. Thus, you do not look surprised as the interviewer asks you about that. One thing you should bear in mind is that the interview phase is the serious step which is worked by the company to find the potential people. Reese thinks that the company does not mean to look you down but try to keep you with the real conversation.

It is reasonable since the contract must imply the mutual benefits for both sides. In this case, the HRD attempts to find the best ones who deserve for the mutual commitment with the company. Thus, it is better for you to keep in the real conversation during the interview session.

Those interview tips according to Reese who has experienced many things related to HRD practices can be one of the answers to help you face the session. You do not need to bother yourself by not being you. Believe that the company also seeks the best people who can contribute to the progress in the proper ways.

Description: To answer the question of self-weakness, Rees suggests you to keep in real conversation since the company attempts to challenge your honesty at the moment.


The role of employees is relatively crucial to the company. In this case, with capable employees, it is possible for the company the valuable products or services. The employees with needed capability are meaningful to the company or organization as there will be innovative ways which are possible to implement in the operating activity. However, to search for the talented employees can be hard as your company cannot hire with promising salary. Thus, it is better for you to strengthen your HRD to be capable of training your employees with self development method. It will be great as the HRD can turn the ordinary employees to be skillful. Here you need to consider implementing the best development method.

In fact, there are many companies that implement ineffective method. Here they have already allocated much of their budget to improve the skill of their employees but they still do no find the effectiveness. According to Harvard Business Review, a particular research shows that many executives approximately spend for about $164.2 billion for the development and learning programs. In this case, as you just merely implement the same self development, you will be disadvantageous as you do not find any change despite your training spending.

Methods to Apply for Self-Development

Another research suggests some of proper self development method to successfully obtain the improvement of the employees’ skill. The following methods are interesting to consider as your company should be capable of running in the competitive industry. Suppose you still do not find the proper method, it is recommended for you to spare your time for a while to consider implementing the following methods.

1 ) Encourage the managers to passionately train the employees


As any industry goes more competitive, the role of the managers are not only the mere ones who responsible for organizing and leading as well as ordering their subordinates. Today managers should also be passionate in mentoring and coaching their people. Organizations or companies need to choose the ones who best play for the responsibility. Thus, your employees will feel well developed through this self development method.

2 ) Shorter package of method is better


For a year, it is not few that conduct several trainings for the employees. As the competition goes rapidly, it seems that you need to equip your employees with these and those. However, those can be lost after some months later. In this case, it is better for you not to be overload in delivering information. To share the shorter package of training can be more effective and useful.

3 ) Match the method with the characteristics of participants


As you run the company which employs many employees with different range of ages, it is recommended for you to consider the appropriate method of self development. It is possible for you to arrange different trainings for different ranges of the ages. Thus, the method can be flexible based on the preferences of them. The point here is that your participants can feel comfortable with your contextual methods.

Description: Self development method should be well determined as you are running the business in the competitive era which requires you to be capable of adapting the changes.

Human resource management with its a lot of employees to control, requires a proper and right tool to easily manage the entire employees in terms of attendance of the employees, work schedules, staffing or even payroll system. Among the existing activities a company handles, payroll system is the most complicated one. This one involves multi tasks since respective employee may have different number of salary. Not to mention, bonuses and leveling salary apply here. The job of HR Department becomes more complicated. For that reason, a payroll system for human resource management is highly needed.

About Payroll System


Payroll system is specifically utilized as payroll management, a web-based payroll software system distributing salaries for the entire companies the easiest and simplest way. It stands to reason that this system enables companies to cut corner huge expenses in this particular matter, as well as save a lot of time.

Since payroll system requires careful distribution, error occasionally occurs in some companies that do not yet apply web-based system. Some variables are calculated simultaneously to determine the salary of the employees. That is how errors do come up and require anticipation prior to more complicated problems occurring in the future. By using web-based payroll system, everything can be well managed.

More Benefits


By the utilization of this system, managing payroll for a large number of employees in one company is not complicated anymore, even if more influencing factors are involved in this matter. No such error happen if factors are already input in the proper way. Human resource management in terms of payroll system shall never be a problem.

Not to mention, expenses and time can be maximally cut. There is no such costly or wasting expense since the company is now capable of cutting loses such as the use of paper.

All data is saved securely by the system. Anytime the data is required, all reports can be easily obtained anytime they are needed. These data are kept in high accuracy and details. Any errors like in attendance or schedule system will no longer exist. All data or information can be analyzed in several formats, generated in any period.

How to Get Payroll System?


A lot of purchases are committed in each month. All of them are equally important and human resource management can be the one that contributes the biggest number of purchases and expenses. For that matter, purchasing payroll system for human resource management is a recommended solution to cut corners.

This system is available to purchase. Being a member is the only way to get the system. A free trial is also provided to check and experience how this web-based system works and the apparent benefits for a company. The number of employees influences the amount of money the companies expel since this payroll system is priced at $1 for each company per month in first year membership.

Despite the price, a lot of benefits are the prominent factors how worthy this payroll system to have. When expenses can be maximally cut and errors in terms of payroll system no longer exist, human resource management can run effectively and efficiently.



Most of big companies have already used several integrated systems. The purpose is to make the task more effective. As the result, the business will grow fast.

When the growing companies can imitate what the big companies have done by using software payroll system. It is web-based system which has function to make HR department’s task much easier.

Usually, the HR take extra time and extra effort to gain and calculate salaries for each employee since there are a lot of components that have to be involved like loan, reimbursement, and etc. For growing companies which have many employees, it might take a lot of time.

Therefore, software payroll system emerges as solution. It will calculate allowance for all employees in different division and level with different salary.

However, there are so many systems offering this service. In this case, you have be very selective when choosing this kind of system.

Easy for Anyone


software payroll system

The first thing that you have to consider when choosing payroll software is that it has to be easy to be operated by anyone. In your company, indeed not all employees have similar intelligence. Therefore, it would be better if the system can be understood by anyone in different level of intelligence.

Mobile Friendly


software payroll system

For the times being, almost anybody has smartphone. They access internet using smartphone. So, it should be better if the payroll software is mobile friendly. It means that it can be accessed using smartphone.

Giving Information Real Time


software payroll system

If you have branch of the office which situated in different place, it can be difficult for you to make coordination. And it can only be obtained when you use this software.

The payroll application system shouldn’t only give information related to salary or allowance. As the business owner, you need the other information, don’t you? And you should be able to share any information to other branches.

In order to get this purpose, the best payroll system is required. It is a system that can be integrated and give information real time.

Customized Formula

In terms of calculation, there must be different between one and the other company. The components included to be calculated might different.

Even, calculation among employees in similar company can be different such as component of tax, reimbursement, loan, penalty, bonus, and many others.

For this reason, you need a software whose formula can be customized. So, the HR department can use the company formula that meets the company requirement.

Provided with Reporting Tools


software payroll system

To whom this software is? It is for employee and also for stakeholder. Indeed, the format of the report must be different.

To make HR department tasks much easier, the software should have different reporting tools. Therefore, similar data can be displayed or shown in different format depending on the need.

So, which payroll system does meet those requirements? It must be PayrollBozz. This is the best payroll software application that is suitable to be used for your growing company. Now, you can try trial version for free.

Human Vs machine

Human Vs machine

In this, the third in our series on the Go epic suits being played in between AlphaGo (Google’s Artificial Intelligence software) as well as Lee Se-Dol (Current Go Globe Champ), we take a look at the history of Humans vs. Makers, and the developments that have led us to this unbelievable moment in time.

For as long as people have actually created things, we have actually wrestled with the ramifications of just what we have actually built.many case, these philosophical and honest fumblings have actually produced wonderful drama– assume Monster, or 2001: A Space Odyssey. Commonly, the hypothetical scenarios we picture come incredibly close to true, and also the discoveries we’ve made in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and also Machine Learning make clear that a “computer with a mind of its very own” is not such a superb thing to picture any kind of longer.

The Accomplishment Of Deep Blue

Possibly this is why we are so astounded by human vs. machine competitors, since the suggestion of relapsing by that which we’ve produced speaks with something very deep within our cumulative awareness. When IBM’s Deep Blue challenged against Garry Kasparov, the event resulted in more than three billion impressions around the globe, and when IBM’s later production Watson tested the champs on Jeopardy, countless customers were glued to the procedures.

DeepMind’s AlphaGo

Taking place today, there is an occasion that, while not likely to scale the very same media elevations, might as a matter of fact have much greater implications when it concerns the future of “intelligent” equipments. On March 9, in Seoul, South Korea, a computing system know as AlphoGo (built by researchers at DeepMind– a Google Artificial Intelligence lab) started a five-game suit versus Lee Se-dol, among the best gamers in the world at the old game of Go.

Why is this so substantial?

Right here is how the DeepMind team discussed it in their paper Grasping the Game of Go with Deep Neural Networks and Tree Browse:

The game of Go has long been considered as the most difficult of traditional ready expert system because of its massive search room and also the difficulty of examining board placements and also moves.

Put another way, winning at Go is a kind of Holy Grail for those who strive to create devices that can “believe” by themselves, due to the fact that success at this distinctively complex online game seems to require something more than simply ability, understanding, as well as experience. It requires instinct. Feeling. Style. Attributes we associate with human beings, not with machines.

Human vs. Machine

Human Vs machine 2

Human Vs machine

There is a long history of these kinds of human vs. machine competitions. Maybe one of the most interesting storyline belongs to the world of checkers. In 1990 a computer system program called Chinook inaugurated a 4-year battle with a man inarguably took into consideration the greatest checkers player of all time: Marion Tinsley– a fight that would finish just when Tinsley succumbed to cancer. In 1995, Chinook “retired,” only to resurface once more in 2007, when the team behind the program revealed that it had actually lastly solved checkers; an accomplishment that called for an average of 50 computers benefiting almost 20 years sorting through literally billions of possible placements to come up with the tool.

Various other online games have comparable non-human nemeses. There is Virtuoso, developed by Brian Sheppard, which allegedly could beat Scrabble masters at a rate of around 60%. And also Online poker notoriously fulfilled its machine suit in Polaris, an Expert system program that sealed its stature at the Man-Machine Texas hold’em Competition in Las Vegas in 2008.

Back To The Future

Were all this just with equipments winning video games against people, none of this would eventually matter quite. Yet what we’re learning from these ventures in fact has unbelievable, significant effects in crucial fields like medical care, education, environmental science, finance, as well as many more. What Machine Learning as well as Artificial Intelligence studies are making possible will change the program of human history as we know it, as well as needs to it show that AlphaGo could in fact ideal the most effective at Go, we’ll have reached a milestone not believed feasible just a couple of years back.

Will you be tuning in to view the future as it occurs? If you have not yet, you could want to currently, given that AlphaGo has won the initial two suits!