This review Apple Watch series 2 will be a great reference for you in deciding if the Apple Watch OS 2 will be a great choice of wearable gadget worth to buy, considering the Apple Watch Series 2 price. It is especially true if you are interested in this new gadget’s capabilities as a sports watch. In general, the Apple Watch apps review for the new series offer a built-in GPS radio which will provide accuracy in terms of distance tracking on walks, runs, bike rides, swims, and hikes—meaning that it’s waterproof this time. This item is introduced in Indonesia on September 7th.

Apple Watch Series 2 Review

1 ) Design


Even though there are slight differences in terms of design between the Series 2 and its predecessor, generally they are identical for all purposes and intents. The new model is slightly taller, though, claiming that the Series 2 can accommodate the bigger batteries. The same finishes are also featured in the new model, even though the new and very durable all-white ceramic model comes to replace the 18-karat gold. The screen is brighter than before, and the option can go up to 1,000 nits. Hence, from this review, we highly recommend you to turn the auto-brightness on.

2 ) As Sports Watch

The first Apple watch was known to be not so good when it comes to the distance-tracking stuff. However, for Series 2, we can set our hope higher due to the watch’s own GPS and GLONASS radios. This means you don’t need to bring the phone with you if you wish to see the most accurate results.

Even so, we expect to find a walk/run mode for the upcoming editions, considering how this feature is fairly common and even already built-in. Plus, you can find such feature on the cheaper devices. However, if you really want it so bad, you can download and install any third-party app.

3 ) For Swimming

The good thing about the new Series 2 is how waterproof it is; a great improvement since the last model was only splash-resistant. In this review Apple Watch series 2, the new model can deal with the immersion in up to 50 meters of water.

Plus, there are two swim workouts: open-water and poll swimming. Depending on the type of workout chosen, the watch uses various techniques to track the distance and locks the screen automatically to prevent any accidental touches since water can be registered as a tap sometimes.

4 ) As Smartwatch

The Series 2 is faster and more intuitive with many new stiffs you can also find in iOS 10. There are also more features that are borrowed not only from iOS, but also from macOS, such as the new Home app, new Reminders app, Find My Friends, and such.

5 ) Performance

Faster and quicker, you do not need to wait a few seconds to access and load an app. Plus, swiping left to enter the second screens is easier now. The background updates are also really helpful. Even so, there are some lags when we scroll up and down. Even though the company says that the Series 2 accommodates the bigger batteries, apparently the battery life written remains the same.

Description: Review Apple Watch series 2 shows you a glimpse of the latest smartwatch from Apple that is also designed to be a sports watch with a waterproof feature for swimming workouts.


Lately, you may be seeing all the fuss regarding the new Apple wireless earbuds, called AirPods. Some may criticize it for the wireless design, mainly worrying that the earbuds will be lost easily. Well, to make things fair, what about reading through this Apple AirPods review first? Here is the Apple earpods review for you!

Product Review for Apple AirPods

1 ) Earbuds Design


Generally, the design of the earbuds is both simplistic and elegant, which you may find interesting. Plus, we can see in this Apple AirPods review that the design is somewhat comforting and familiar, creating an impression as if using it is simply picking up any in-ear earbuds, minus the wires. It is a singular earbud only with no buttons.

The buds are curved slightly at inward angle, providing a better insertion as well as hold when it’s sitting in your ear. Some may find it quite a while to find the ideal position for the buds to sit in their ears, though.

2 ) Charging Capsule Design


We’re sure you have watched Men in Black, so you’re already familiar with Neuralyzer. Well, seeing the charging capsule, we can’t help but think how it looks like a hybrid of Neuralyzer and Apple’s iSight Camera. Sliding out the capsule—do it like you do a lipstick—you’ll find the charging and tuck away earbuds. A small red LED light on the top part of the case indicates the charging status.

3 ) Comfort


The overall comfort is a common issue when it comes to the true wireless earbuds. Hence, we do not find it surprising if different person may think of the comfort differently in different new Apple earpods review articles.

Even though the Earin also offers replacement ear tips for the users to find the most comfortable choices to wear—two Comply foam tips and two rubber tips, for instance—the result will still be different among people. Plus, the definition of ‘comfort’ may be different among people too. Hence, your best shot is always to try the earbuds first.

However, after trying various wireless earbuds, we can say that the Earin earbuds are more comfortable compared to the most. The design manages to seal us from the outside world, with the music is focused really only on us.

4 ) Audio


Without a doubt, this is one of the most important factors in this Apple AirPods review. In general, trebles are clear. They are also in the forefront, yet without having to override the bass or mids. Meanwhile, the bass is light, not muddling the rest, even though we find there are a lot to be desired. Luckily, though, there’s a Bass Boost option in the iOS app. The mids feels too light sometimes.

5 ) Bluetooth Connectivity


It doesn’t matter how great the overall experience of a pair of wireless earbuds is, the wireless protocol will always become the biggest concern. With AirPods, Apple is fully aware of it so it put more attention on the W1 chip to help alleviate this particular problem. This allows the earbuds to function properly within 10 meters as long as the Earin is in a clear view.

Description: Apple AirPods review will help you get a better insight even it is only for the initial step to understand the pros and cons of the new true wireless earbuds from Apple, named AirPods.


IP camera brands – As time and technology advances are also followed by creative innovations from all areas of industry, including the provision of industrial security systems continue to produce and create a sophisticated tools. One product safety system that we often encounter is CCTV, in the sector of surveillance cameras or video surveillance is also progressing very well, as evidenced CCTV is now sold in the market has been able to connect to the Internet, allowing users to view the monitoring CCTV live streaming. The new species is called IP camera, the camera is equipped by Internet protocol, this is why users can see the live viewing of the CCTV installed, from their own gadgets. With the presence of IP cameras increasingly maximize security, and here it is top 5 IP camera brands for your office or your home, which can be found in as a distributor of CCTV complete and cheapest, here is his review.

TOP 5 IP Camera brands you can use it

1 ) Vision Pro 


Vision Pro CCTV offers high quality products at affordable prices. Many variants are available starting from the basic camera analog series indoor type camera, outdoor type camera, speed dome, PTZ camera, DVR D1, DVR 960H. Besides the usual analog CCTV Camera, Vision Pro also provides the HD Series Camera (AHD CCTV) for customers who looks for camera which can provide higher resolutions. And recently Vision Pro added up IP Camera series in its product range. All of the series provides the standard variants like Dome camera, Bullet Camera, Speed Dome and PTZ camera.

2 ) Hikvision 


CCTV Hikvision is a famous brand in the field of industrial security systems and surveillance cameras, Hangzhou origin china brand already has many branch offices in America, Australia, Indonesia, and several countries in Europe. one of their best products are IP camera is the best-selling products.

3 ) Vivotek


VIVOTEK is a manufacturer of CCTV, IP camera, DVR, and NVR which has been widely awarded as a manufacturer and supplier of security systems.

4 ) Samsung techwin


Samsung Techwin has leveraged its outstanding technological competencies to emerge as a global leader in energy and safety solutions by creating new paradigms that are steps ahead of the fast Paces industry environment. Samsung Techwin’s world class imaging technology is now applied to more diverse business areas Including Access Control and Intruder Detection. Our products play an important role for the safety and happiness of people by protecting cities, airports, seaports, industrial areas and military installations.

5 ) Avtech 


AVTECH, formed in 1996, is one of the leading CCTV and IP camera in the world. With stable revenue growth and business philosophy that is run, Avtech has become the largest company in Taiwan for the category and ip cctv camera. Avtech priority to innovation in technology, product and implementation. With years of experience in research and development, Avtech has been a leader in the mobile platform and provide support for product variants CCTV and IP Camera are complete.

Thus is a brief review about the top 5 ip camera brands you can get in 


There are actually two kinds of employee types. The first is exempt and the second one is nonexempt. This kind of classification actually refers to what the employee exempts from the overtime wage or not. So, you should pay overtime wages to your nonexempt employees and you also need to know how to calculate overtime pay. You don’t get to choose the employee classification.  And, paying the employee salary doesn’t automatically make them an exempt from overtime wages.

And here are two ways on how to calculate overtime pay for the salaried employees. The first way is that when the employees receive the salary which covers fixed numbers of the worked hours. And the second way is when the employees receive the salary which covers the wall worked hours. Those two ways are actually quite similar. But they have different outcome on the wages of the employees. But now, we’re going to discuss only one way of calculating the overtime pay for your salaried employees. The first way is very easy and no need to think a lot on how to practice it. Are you ready? Here we go.

The Overtime Wages for Salary with the Fixed Hours


As the example, let’s make it like your employee get $500 for each week. And you expect the employee work more or less 36 hours for one week. But, in this week, she or he only works, let’s say 50 hours. So, here are some steps on how to calculate overtime pay with fixed hours.

1 ) Calculate regular hourly rates.

It can be done by dividing the weekly salaries by the hour numbers that you expect that employee to work. So, in this example, it is $500/ 36 hours. So, the result is $13.89/ hour.

2 ) Calculating the regular wages until 40 hours

According to the FLSA rules, overtime pay starts from 40 hours which is worked in one week. So, you need to calculate the regular wages of the employees that uses regular hour rates. If you actually expect your employee working 40 hours one week, you could skip this step. For example, you can calculate 40 x $13.89. And the result is $555.60 total the regular wages.

3 ) Calculate overtime hourly rates

Commonly, overtime rates are time and a half. So, you need to multiply regular hour rates by 1 and a half. This is the example: $13.89 x 1.5. And the result is $20.84/hour.

4 ) Calculate overtime wages

You can multiply overtime hourly rates by the numbers of the extra hours that the employees have worked. For example, $20.84×10 overtime hour. The result is $208.40 total of the overtime wages.

5 ) Calculate total wages

The last step is adding together total regular wages as well as the total overtime wage. For example, you calculate $555.60 + $208.40. The result is $764 total wage for that week.

Those are some simple and easy to do steps when you want to calculate the overtime wages for your salaried employee. The steps are simple and you can even practice them right now to your employee. So, how to calculate overtime pay? Are you still confused? Hopefully not and hopefully those steps help you.

Description: How to calculate overtime pay for salaried employees can be done in two ways or two methods. The first one above is based on the fixed hours when your employees have worked.